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Friday, September 01, 2006

BOK screens at FAN EXPO 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Toronto Trek

July 7th at 9 pm the preview of Bastards of Kirk debuted at Toronto Trek 20. It wasn't a big crowd, but the film was received well and we're going to take the next few weeks to wrap up post-production on it and get it out to more festivals. We'd like to thank the programming department, especially David and Rich for their speedy turnaround into getting the film into the convention. Having had my own films in numerous festivals, I can certainly say without a doubt, that this is one of the most organized ones I've ever had the priviledge to be a part of. We look forward to screening the film at other festivals soon.

Great work by the cast and crew on making the film happen. Oh and the reason Logan and I have our hands over our foreheads is to block the spotlights in our eyes and see the audience during the Q&A.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

That's A Wrap!

So sometime near the 3 a.m. mark last night, we finally finally wrapped on principal photography on Bastards of Kirk. On behalf of Logan, Bob, Marvin, Craig, Kris and Lisa, we'd like to thank all you actors, makeup and costume people for your patience through this journey. The stuff looks great! A good portion is already edited, but we will have to work furiously to try and make sure we hit the deadline for Toronto Trek.

Ashleigh Erwin did an amazing job stepping into a role she was unfamiliar with - that of Elaan. She had originally only been cast as one of Mudd's women along with Bronwyn Dixon, both of whom brought their seductive charm to the role. Ben Hudson played the venerable space pirate (ah, businessman). Thanks for putting up with the moustache.
Emily Hartzman helped out tremendously with hair that night, weaving Elaan's locks and giving both Ashleigh and Bronwyn a 60s look.

Shamaila Siddique did another amazing turn at makeup adding the right Egyptian touch to Elaan and making sure the girls (and guys) looked awesome.

And Rania Shuggi rounded out the night playing the abandoned mother from an alternate universe Marlena Moreau. You did a terrific job Rania. Thanks for your dedication.

And overall the biggest thank-you goes to Jeff Orchard who stuck through these months with that moustache and wearing the same outfit over and over again and came to rehearse with everyone and always stayed till the last twinkling hours. We really could not have done it without your patience, professionalism and talent.You're a star. You all are.

Okay, that's it for the amount of gushing I can get through in one go before hurling.

Take care all. We'll be in touch with information on this and what's next, etc. and so on.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Bastards

Another couple of shoots and we're near the end of principal photography for BOK. On June 9th we did a scene with a Romulan and a Klingon. Logan did his director's cameo alongside Jessica Rose who played the Romulan girl and she got to shoot Logan (she was the envy of the set, lol). The Romulan girl has a few anger issues, btw.

But Jessica herself was great and came in and stayed late during her last day in Toronto before flying off to Alaska. Good luck on the marathon!

And then a couple days later we had a very long day (thanks to the neighbours upstairs) but got some of the big scenes done including one with our melodramatic Nurse Chapel played by Tijana Popovic.

Tijana wore the wig well and gave an over-the-top performance that captured the 60s style of acting we were going for.

Erick Fournier made another appearence in the film as Rhan, the Andorian that starts it all off. His enthusiasm for the part showed throughout. With him, playing the part of his long-lost father was Steve Harrison. Steve does a great Kirk imitation and imitation being the sincerest form of flattery also went all the way in getting some very tight pants for the part since they are key in the whole script scenario.

A special thanks to Laura Emoff, who came in the last minute to help with the makeup on Sunday. You did a wonderful job and stuck around longer than you had to Laura and we really do appreciate that.

We're almost at the end of shooting. Thank God!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Round of Shooting

We're about half-way home as far as shooting goes for BOK.

This last couple of shoots included the Federation set, with interviews from Star Trek personnel to Tribbles to more Bastards of Kirk.

Linda McKenney came into perform a small (no such thing as small roles, just small actors), but necessary bit for the story opening. Linda was in a previous film I directed called Mohanadas & Bette: A Love Story. She played Bette Davis.

Also in that film was Phil Hahn. Here he did a terrific job coming in late and working till 3 in the morning playing the part of Sulu, foil and all.

Clint Maguire did his second part in the film, playing a Federation Spokesman - one of the roles that weren't necessarily in the original series, but were needed to anchor the story.

Mark Jeffries was another of Kirk's bastards: a stoned out Troglyte high on Zenite gases. He did a fantastic take on the bit and it was our first green screen shot for the film, so we're really looking forward to seeing it.
Lloyd Penney, who was in a radio series I directed, Sectarian Wave, that will also be at Toronto Trek and Bright Anvil did the cover art for came in to do the voice of Scotty - in between work. Craig Yeung, who's been a huge help on the project, played the body of Scotty. He also did the part of Spock in the film, although be it in silhouette.

With Lloyd and Phil and Jeff and Linda and Ayman etc. I'm really happy that a lot of people I've done other projects for are taking part in this. And I hope that we'll continue that with the new set of actors I've met on this project.

The nice thing about film is that it is transient. If you don't like somebody you never have to work with them again. But if you do, you can keep asking them to come along with ya. It's like picking and choosing your family to make films with. M.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

First Day of Shooting

Ah, the first day of shooting is always interesting, usually long and particularly testing. But its part of the work to get into the rhythm of making a film. May 5th was that day for us.

Start time was scheduled for 8 a.m., meaning most everyone was up at dawn. Some people, Marv, Kris, Craig and Mike had stayed up the night before till 5 a.m. finishing the set (which by the way was fabulous!). Craig stayed throughout the entire shoot and came in handy when trying to speed up some of the major makeup work at night's end.

Our first location was at the Guild Inn, a historic site that among other things, has some beautiful pieces of history in its backyard. It was the perfect setting for two of our scenes: where Mike Hollace meets the lowly displaced god Apollo (Ayman Hassan). The other: the bastard kids Elbe (Clint Maguire) and Zokai (Erick Fournier).

We have a terrific cast of very talented actors who are making it wonderful actually seeing this come alive. Especially Jeff Orchard, whom next to the crew, spent the most time on set - and will spend even more on it. His baritone voice and newsman grandeur is the thread that holds the storyline together. He's been an amazing, giving actor on set - spending more time than should be required of any actor to come in and rehearse, as well as stay the entire spell of the shoot - which on its first day lasted from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day. Yes: 19 hours.

A lot of that time was spent getting the look right. Shamaila Siddique, our makeup artist on this go, stayed with us the entire time - and had a monumental task of making the Cheron's half-white, half-black (which side, depends upon your politics). And getting our Marta (Melanie Kastner) completely green. And she was flying solo on it. She was another one who didn't get a break during the long run. Thanks for sticking through it Shamaila.

And getting painted green isn't all that easy. Melanie has been such a trooper throughout the shoot. The paint job took a few hours, and we found we kind of ran into a lot of the troubles that TOS had with the Marta character played by Yvonne Craig. The good part is I think the set and Marta on it made it all worth it in the end. It looks so Star Trek.

Our two Cherons, Erick and Clint were a ball of energy. We were afraid they'd waste it all and injure themselves practising tumbles for a fight sequence. It's the old "Hurry up and wait" film saying with a bit of "don't break your back - at least not till we've finished shooting your scene" thing. But its a great scene and one of the funniest bits of banter and delivery in the film.

Ayman was a great Apollo. A little irreverant but with a broken ego - it was a very solid performance. His prop work may need a little working on (inside joke), but terrific job, buddy. Thanks for the help.

To top off a first day, we also had visitors on set. Liana K and Ed the Sock. Liana now is in the picture. And Ed is doing a little bit on his show about the production. Thanks also to our cinematographer Mark Krupka, who gave up a lucrative day of work to shoot these first scenes for us. Really appreciate it Mark and hope the wife's not too angry with us for keeping you up late. And Lindsay for hanging around, running around and making sure the costumes and wardrobe were together. Also Milos for coming in at the last minute there and helping with sound, Bob for co-ordinating while I ran around. And thanks to Lisa for all the food. It was really great to get a bite when we finally could. Food always helps.

Finally Logan, hope your first day was good. The next ones will get better (and shorter - god willing). Good job buddy. It's coming along.

Great work, everyone - can't wait till get this all shot and edited. Really, I can't wait.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tuesday April 25th Rehersal

Hey all, this is Craig again, part of the production crew. Just wanted to update everyone. We had a great rehersal on Tuesday! Thanks to everyone that came out (Jeff, Melanie,Ben, Tijana, Bronwyn, Jessica, Mark, Linda, Rania, Clint, Steve and Ayman) *whew. It was a long day, but we got through a lot of the scenes and hopefully everyone had fun meeting each other to see what we are all doing. Special thanks again to Jeff for sticking it out the whole day. Great job!